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Mangrove Planting Transforms Semare Village into a Tourism Attraction in Indonesia

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When the New Year 2020 begins, the Café Laut (Sea Café) in Semare village, Pasuruan, Indonesia, offers a nice choice to hang out with family or friends with its booming mangrove view.

Search for "Café Laut Semare" on the Internet, you would find such reviews, "a great place to relax and enjoy the ocean view", "5-star because it can change the lifestyle of the surrounding community". Three years have flew by since HCML (Husky-CNOOC Madura Limited) organized the planting of around 8,000 mangrove seedlings in Semare in 2017. It is a joint venture between CNOOC, Husky Energy and Samudra Energy, operating in Madura Strait and supplying natural gas to East Java.

When the company was laying pipeline in the coastal area of Semare, it had to cut mangrove trees to clear the path. But they were committed to making up for that by replacing each cut mangrove tree with seven.

The mangrove forest has kept expanding. In 2018, 12,000 mangrove seedlings were added. In 2019, HCML worked with Indonesia's upstream regulator SKK Migas to plant 15,000 mangrove seedlings and 40 mango trees.

"This activity is part of our long-term commitment to raise awareness of the environment," said Tilak Nithiyeswaran, general manager of HCML, during the planting, "Later when I return to Indonesia, I will definitely be happy if the Semare people enjoy the mangoes ripe from the trees we planted today. Mango is my favorite fruit."

Sondang Maria Maniop, VPMR HCML, also attended the planting activity. She said, "We hope that the trees will grow well and dense and help this area. HCML is always trying to continue to have good relationship with the people of Semare village."

The mangrove is the best choice to protect the beach from the abrasion of sea waves, while creating a new habitat for the marine life. To increase the success rate, HCML hired experts to teach participants how to plant the seedlings.

The Café Laut was another program that HCML has helped the village to develop from concept and provided financial support, aiming to power up the village for more growth.

Yazid, the head of Semare village, thinks highly of HCML's collaboration with the local youth group in the planting. The company also sponsored ten local young people to receive training of oil and gas operation, and four of them entered the company and started their new careers.

"We really appreciate HCML, which has been supporting and motivating our village to progress. HCML is the company who cares about our village," said Yazid, who envisioned that when the mangroves flourish in the next five years, the area will become a mangrove education park, and the Café Laut will be more beautiful.

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