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CNOOC and Partners Sign Agreement on Inland Ships’ LNG Power Renovation and Gas Supply in Guangdong

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CNOOC and China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited (CSSC) signed an agreement with Qingyuan Huafa Shipping and Guangdong Fuli Shipping on LNG power renovation and gas supply for inland ships in Guangdong at the China Ocean Economy Expo on October 15, marking a breakthrough of LNG utilization in the ship power system in Guangdong.

According to the agreement, CSSC is responsible for building and transformation of LNG-powered ships, and CNOOC takes charge of construction of LNG refueling stations and resource supply. The 4 renovated ships and 20 newly-built ships in the agreement are the first batch of LNG-powered ships in Guangdong, which will play an exemplary role in promoting the application of LNG in the shipping field.

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