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A Letter to All Overseas Employees of CNOOC

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To all overseas employees of CNOOC:

At the beginning of the new year, the epidemic of COVID-19 suddenly broke out. Under the personal deployment and command of President Xi Jinping, with strength of the Chinese people in unity and their heavy sacrifice, the efforts of China to fight against the epidemic have gradually paid off and China has won a valuable time window for epidemic prevention and control worldwide. China maintains and continuously improves the good momentum of its domestic epidemic prevention and control, while the global pandemic is still in the early stages of explosive outbreak. At present, the COVID-19 has occurred among most of the over 40 countries and regions that CNOOC's business has covered. The priority of CNOOC's epidemic prevention and control work has shifted from domestic to overseas. We are facing severe challenges along with arduous tasks and heavy responsibilities.

Our employees are always the most valuable asset of CNOOC. In order to implement the national "going out" strategy and the Belt and Road Initiative, away from the motherland and beloved ones, you have overcome various difficulties and endured loneliness, diligently making outstanding contributions to safeguarding national energy security in the front line of overseas operation. At the critical moment of the domestic epidemic combat, you made every effort to collect necessary supplies and transport them back to China, which effectively ensured CNOOC's goal of achieving the phased victory. With the epidemic raging overseas, you are holding on to your position, performing your duties, and taking concrete actions to fulfill the original aspiration of "contributing oil to the motherland". CNOOC hereby expresses its sincere gratitude to you and your families who have been offering incredible support.

You are always in the thoughts of CNOOC. Every CNOOC employee has been greatly concerned about your safety and health. Currently the major risk of China's epidemic prevention and control comes from overseas outbreak and imported cases. Many countries have implemented measures to lockdown cities and suspend international flights. Thus it is almost unlikely to guarantee normal shifts and breaks. Although the overseas employees are far away from China, CNOOC leaders and colleagues always stand together with you. In the fight against the overseas epidemic, we cannot afford to lose a single employee and will not compromise the safety and health of any of yours. This is CNOOC's solemn commitment to all of you.

CNOOC has always been your strongest backing. You are not alone in fighting COVID-19. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the pandemic and has made timely deployment. China's embassies and consulates abroad have been planning and coordinating. CNOOC has established a leading group on overseas epidemic prevention and control, with CNOOC's top executives taking the lead to overall planning and deploying overseas epidemic prevention. CNOOC has also established a daily information reporting system to collect the information of employees at each project and operating site and that of their family members, as well as local epidemic prevention progress, local epidemic situation, and relevant policies and regulations. CNOOC has set up a 24-hour hotline + 86-10-84529999, and each SBU has also set up their respective hotline to ensure that you can always connect with domestic China and get the help needed to solve any problem at any time. CNOOC has developed an epidemic prevention and control mechanism to make classification of the virus risk and taken appropriate prevention and control strategies accordingly in different countries and regions. It is required that all overseas projects quickly compile manuals on epidemic prevention and control work, and guide and check all employees to thoroughly implement appropriate practices in accordance with situations in different countries and projects. CNOOC is doing everything possible to collect masks, protective suits, thermometers, disinfectants, medicines and other supplies, deliver them to our overseas staff as soon as possible through various channels, and make sure everyone receives them. CNOOC and its subsidiaries have continuously improved emergency plans for epidemic prevention and control, refined responding measures, carried out drills, and strengthened communication and coordination with embassies and consulates abroad, SOS agencies and local hospitals so that our staff can get smooth evacuation, good medical channels, proper treatment and effective rescue under extreme circumstances.

Self-protection of overseas staff is critical to our battle against COVID-19. I hope all of you abide by the requirements for epidemic prevention and control management, wear masks, wash hands frequently, practice good hygiene, go out less, do not gather with others, cooperate with your work unit in temperature measurement and disinfection, keep working distancing of more than 1.5 meters, and well allocate your time for work and rest, maintain good energy and improve immunity. If anyone or anyone's family feels unwell, please timely report to your work unit. You should "detect timely, report immediately, quarantine early and get treated soon" in order to gain the initiative of timely medical treatment. For those who need to return to China under special circumstances, I hope you could submit your report truthfully, prepare for approval in advance, take protective measures throughout the journey, strictly abide by relevant regulations, follow the rules of centralized quarantine or home observation, and maintain a good image as a CNOOC employee.

CNOOC is always your warmest home. You miss your beloved family and they miss you too. We clearly empathize with you. CNOOC organizations at all levels are taking measures to maintain close communication with your family, help them solve difficulties and problems in life. We will do our best to relieve your worries. I hope you could settle down in your work, enrich your leisure time under limited conditions, mitigate psychological pressure and maintain a good mental state. Your good physical and mental health is the best comfort to your family and also the greatest contribution to CNOOC.

Winter will pass, and spring is coming. We firmly believe that, under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, with full support of the Chinese government as well as CNOOC staff's joint efforts, we will certainly win the overseas battle of anti-COVID-19. When the final victory arrives, we will together welcome you home!


March 23, 2020

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