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CNOOC Strengthens Epidemic Prevention and Control in Overseas Operation to Safeguard Employees' Safety and Health

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Since the novel coronavirus outbreak, CNOOC and its overseas subsidiaries have stepped up efforts on epidemic prevention and control to ensure the physical and mental health of employees while steadily advancing overseas operations.

CNOOC International, the international division of CNOOC Limited, promptly formulated an epidemic response plan based on specific situations of subsidiaries and established an epidemic prevention and control leading group to ensure strict implementation of all measures. The measures include non-contact at the workplace, all employees wearing masks, avoiding courtesy contacts such as handshakes and hugs, and avoiding gatherings such as meetings and trainings.

The overseas subsidiaries of COSL formulated epidemic response plans and clarified temporary quarantine sites, on-site disinfection, emergency response procedures and accesses to external resources. Its overseas subsidiaries carried out targeted drills according to actual situations and have optimized related plans and resources based on the drills.

In Norway, COSL Drilling Europe AS shared the epidemic prevention and control practices in China with Equinor and received its appreciation. The office building where COSL Drilling Europe AS is located has accepted protective measures applied in COSL offices. In Singapore, COSL Drilling Pan-Pacific Ltd. introduced to clients and contractors the centralized quarantine and medical observation practices adopted in domestic rotating shift system and received their recognition.

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