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CNOOC Releases Compliance Management System

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On July 17, CNOOC releases its compliance management system to the world. CNOOC Chairman Wang Dongjin made the integrity and compliance proposal and invited global partners to work together to build win-win partnerships, create an honest and compliant legal business environment and responsibly contribute to the sustainable development of the economy and the society.

Xu Keqiang, Director of CNOOC and CEO of CNOOC Limited, presented CNOOC Limited's 2020 Action Plan for  Construction of Compliance Management System.

To this end, CNOOC Compliance Management Regulation and CNOOC Employee Integrity and Compliance Guide have been compiled and issued. The regulation articulates the goals, guidelines, system composition, accountability, organizational structure and related management and supervision mechanisms. The guide focuses on standardizing the behaviors of the company and employees, listing the dos and don'ts in business activities.

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