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Bohai Oilfield Launches 40-million-ton Production Campaign and Awards Winners of Technical Skill Contest

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On September 3, Bohai Oilfield held a ceremony to highlight the campaign to reach the production target of 40 million tons in 2015. On the ceremony, it also awarded winners of its technical skill contest in the past two years. Xu Keqiang, CEO of CNOOC Limited, attended the event.

In 2018, Bohai Oilfield kicked off a ten-year technical skill contest to facilitate its goal of maintaining a stable annual production of 30 million tons. At the end of 2019, Bohai Oilfield raised the bar and adjusted its goal of 2025 to increase the production to 40 million tons.

Xu Keqiang summarized the contest achievements in the past two years and required the staff to implement the innovation-driven strategy, stimulate grassroots innovation vitality and cultivate an innovative culture. He also required that, through the contest, Bohai Oilfield should improve the overall workforce competitiveness, work out a sound talent cultivation and motivation mechanism and provide a stage for high-end talents.

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